Board of Directors

Driving the business to exceed its objectives on behalf of shareholders and stakeholders.

Board of Directors

Ponziano Ciampi: Executive Chairman & CEO

Ponziano Ciampi is responsible for defining the company’s long term strategy, both in terms of creating partnerships to reinforce the groups business development and determining what developments and investments to make in the “lab”, which develops new products related to process innovation and techno- logy projects.

His day to day role in Clustin is Sales & Marketing Director. A strong experience of over 18 years in the business innovation and reorganization sector, from 2004 to 2012 he was a partner with Gruppo Reiner Wert, an Italian company which specializes in business reorganization, particularly in the area of financial control.

From 1999 to 2004 he co-founded two important start-ups, Sintesi Informatica and Area Informatica which work in the area of management information systems. As well as defining the strategies for the companies he also ensured that the organisational structures and systems were in place to create market value, another key objective for the projects.

From 1997 to 1999 he was responsible for new client acquisition for the IBM AS/400 environmental management system at Sistemi Tre (Gruppo Sistemi). He began his professional experience at Te.s.i., Tecnologie e Soluzioni Informatiche (Tesi Group) in 1994, both in the technical area (Microfocus Cobol and RPG/400 environmental programming) and in sales, managing the presentations and discussions for projects of medium complexity (including projects to convert mainly mainframe applications and IBM AS/400 for the single currency implementation and Year 2000 compliance).

Ponziano Ciampi is on the Board of Directors of Ciampi & Partners, a company which operates in the field of innovation and is engaged in the selection of innovative entrepreneurial projects with an international flavour. He is also on the Board of Directors at Inexence, a company which develops pathways for product and process innovation and sources public and private financing for R&D projects. He specialised in technology and telematics at the Istituto Tecnico Industriale and went on to complete his studies at the Facoltà di Economia at Turin University.

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Giuseppe Ruoti: CEO & Operations Manager

Giuseppe Ruoti is responsible for project co-ordination, time management and resource allocation. He also evaluates activities and investments for projects in the insurance area, a sector in which he specialises.

He has been a partner and MD of Glowest since 2008, a company which specialises in consultancy for the finance and insurance sectors. It focuses on identifying and implementing new business models and distribution technologies to handle the management and administrative problems which have arisen from the so-called “Bersani reforms”. It works with the main Italian and international insurance companies.

With 360 Finance, a Glowest spin-off, he worked in market analysis and high risk policy planning as well as research and organisation of alternative distribution channels using internet based new generation technologies.

From 2006 he worked with Gruppo Reiner Wert, an Italian company which spe- cializes in business reorganization, particularly in the area of financial control. He provided consultancy on the financial structuring of fixed costs, with particular emphasis insurance and banking costs, internal consultancy and training on working capital and credit management, reduction of net working capital commitments, and reduction of client exposure with a view to improving ge- neral financial health and freeing up credit on bank loans for core business activity, international training and consultancy on severance indemnity funds (Trattamento di Fine Rapporto) and national insurance.

He studied marketing at Turin university in the Facoltà di Economia, and specialized in business administration, accounting, business finance and management control. He also gained a knowledge of management information systems. His thesis was entitled “Planning a Sustainable Balance Sheet: Mondo S.p.A. case study”

The thesis was in fact written up at MONDO S.p.A., a chemicals company which deals with rubber, plastic and derivatives and is a world leader in balls, children’s toys and rubber floorings and coverings.

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