Italian Accounting Localisation bundle for NetSuite

Accounting and financial functionality to use NetSuite in Italy.

Italian Accounting Localisation bundle for NetSuite

The Italian Accounting Localisation (IAL) bundle has been designed and created to perform specific functions in the accounting system which are required under Italian law. NetSuite customers need this adaptation bundle to achieve a 360° vision for companies operating in the Italian market.

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The IAL Bundle is completely integrated (Native App) in NetSuite (also OneWorld), has been developed in the SuiteCloud environments and distributed (shared mode) with SuiteBundler , the Application Deployment Tool used to package up and deploy customizations and applications that have been built on the SuiteCloud platform.

IAL is a package distributed almost instantaneously thanks to SuiteBundler, making it easy for Clustin and end customers..

IAL is a NetSuite Certified product and is a part of the Ecosystem (Link). With, NetSuite customers gain an online marketplace where hundreds of innovative third-party solutions integrate and extend NetSuite, with industry-specific solutions, line-of-business applications and integration and data management tools. The IAL Bundle is available in over 15 languages.


Why this bundle for netsuite
Italian accounting and tax law is particularly complex and continually changing. For global, multinational or even just Italian companies, it is important to be able to fully exploit the ERP functionalities offered by Netsuite, without having to use other systems that create a patchwork of applications which are both difficult to use and give rise to additional direct costs and inefficiencies. The bundle is constantly evolving, both with respect to its functionality for ease of use, and from the point of view of its adaptability to meet the requirements of the tax code.


Key Benefits
IAL has been developed by Clustin to enable companies to use all the financial reporting tools within NetSuite whilst ensuring that all aspects of Italian fiscal and financial legislation are complied with.

One System, No Limits for Italian companies
The IAL provides a complete set of regional functionality, allowing companies doing business in Italy to operate efficiently and think to the future. The bundle is continually updated to comply with Italian accounting laws and automatically aligned to NetSuite upgrades.

Proven end-user adoption
One type of IAL bundle for all Italian companies. The best and right solution is always compliant with Italian fiscal and accounting law.

Configurable to suit your needs
Clients have the choice of whether or not to make certain fields mandatory and can customize certain aspects of the system depending on their needs. For example, whether or not to include VAT and/or taxpayer ID numbers when registering various documents or creating a table which will help monitor payment terms and methods. This means clients can manage the problem of uncertainty in the application of and changes to Italian law in terms of the management of the firm.

All the advantages of NetSuite
Completely integrated in NetSuite OneWorld to deal with Italy’s unique accoun- ting and taxation environment.