Global Professional Services

Getting the most from Clustin.

Global Professional Services

Clustin’s PS Team (Professional Services) provides consultancy and implementa- tion services to its clients all over the world..

With almost 10 years’ experience, the Clustin team is well prepared for helping clients to implement their ERP solution. With implementations all over the world, the experience of the PS Team ensures that the benefits of best practice are implemented both in specific sectors and in general.

Implementation Methodology

Clustin uses a unique, proven methodology based on best practices gleaned from vast experience in deploying NetSuite solutions to our customers. Called NetSuite One, this formal methodology is the very first designed specifically for the requirements of mid-market, on-demand implementations.

NetSuite One is composed of activities logically grouped into seven distinct stages, which support the long-term success of the NetSuite deployment, making it easier to provide management and control during the lifecycle of a project.


Getting Organize
  • Project Objectives
  • Functional scope
How does your business operate
  • Business Requirements
  • Project Workplan
How NetSuite addresses your business needs
  • Customization Solution Design
  • Integration Design
Adapting NetSuite to your business
  • NetSuite Customisations
  • Data migration details
Are you ready to run your business on NetSuite?
  • A production ready solution
Business Go-Live
  • Migrate Data
  • End-User Training
Learn from your implementation
  • Transition to NetSuite Support

Included in each phase are:

  1. Description of tasks
  2. Roles and responsibilitiesta
  3. Sample deliverables
  4. Best Practices

Shared Consulting

A Shared Consulting implementation is a cooperative, hands-on project, jointly managed by a NetSuite Consulting team and you. If you have specific requirements such as the need for customized business processes, complex workflows, implementation of NetSuite advanced modules, integration with other applications, or data conversion issues — a Shared Consulting implementation is right for you.

Benefits of a Shared Consulting implementation include:

Implementation Roadmap: Expert NetSuite consultants get to know your bu- siness intimately and devise a tailored implementation roadmap.

Strategic Planning: Advisory meetings and strategy sessions ensure that your business processes are accurately reflected in the NetSuite solution.

Business Requirements Document (BRD): Each implementation begins with the development of a BRD that:

  • Ensures your requirements are fully understood prior to configuration
  • Ensures your requirements are fully understood prior to configuration
  • Serves as a blueprint for ensuring that NetSuite is configured to meet your needs.

Throughout the entire Shared Consultingimplementation, our dedicated NetSuite consulting team works closely with your organization, making sure your business objectives are met and delivering everything you need to achieve success.


Shared Consulting implementation Benefits

Cooperative project between Clustin Professional Services and you
Scope depends on your business requirements
Provides support for:

  • Customized business processes
  • Complex workflows
  • Implementation of NetSuite advanced modules
  • Integration with other applications
  • Data conversion