Clustin for Investitors

A ground-breaking company with an international management approach that is continually looking for new markets.

Clustin for Investitors

Because cloud computing is the future of software with a growth rate four times higher than in other IT sectors and Clustin has been investing in it since it first burst onto the market.

Because in the last year alone, business spending on the “cloud” has grown by over 50%.

Because with the “New Normal” and a global economy which is no longer able to drive markets, innovation is the weapon which differentiates busines- ses. And when a company does have money to spend it’s generally on IT.

Because ERP solutions are very invasive, cutting across all parts of the business world and we bring international know-how and experience to the table.

Because we have a collaborative business model and our ecosystem of part- ners has been growing over time.

Because we have invested, and continue to invest in producing specialized, vertical solutions that represent a new frontier in software.

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