Company overview

Constantly looking towards the future and at the latest technology.

Company Overview

Clustin is an acronym for «Clustering Innovation», meaning the creation of a network of businesses whose common denominator is innovation. We work closely with businesses to determine their strategies and organize the processes and technology which will make them competitive in a global market.

As NetSuite Solution Provider and a Select Member of the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) we have implemented over 100 NetSuite projects using all the fun- ctionalities that NetSuite offers for companies in wide-ranging sectors. We have participated in, set up and co-ordinated national and international implementations and go lives with NetSuite Inc. and NetSuite Solution Providers throughout EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia & CIS countries), AMERICA (North America, Central America & South America) and APAC (Asia, New Zealand and Australia).

Bridge Enabling Competitiveness
Clustin is a member of the ICT Innovation Cluster ( ). In bringing together the different players in the innovation process, clusters aim to stimulate cooperative work, the common use of installations and the exchan- ge of knowledge and expertise, and they are asked to contribute proactively to ensure that technologies are exchanged and that information is made available and publicized between companies. Clusters interpret the technological needs of companies so as to guide regional schemes supporting research and innovation.

The ICT Innovation Cluster Members
The ICT Innovation Cluster is a network of excellence with 150 members (year 2012), coordinated by the Torino Wireless Foundation in its role as a managing institution. Members belong to three different categories: companies, inclu- ding both large benchmark organisations for the ICT sector and the region; universities and research lnstitutes, with the direct participation of all Pied- mont’s universities and those private research institutes that are benchmarks in ICT technology; key players Supporting Innovation In the ICT sector.

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To play an active part in continuous innovation and the search for excellence, sharing the strategies, profits and risks in ambitious projects with the aim of being leaders of innovation in all areas.


At the Netsuite Partner Update Day on 9 February 2012 in London, Clustin won an award for best European performance in 2011. The award, presented by Paul Aufferman (Managing Director, EMEA at NetSuite) was the confirmation of NetSuite’s continuing performance in Italy, thanks to the work of Clustin and its partners.

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